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LEGO Set #2194



Theme #2: Constraction

Theme #3: Ordeal of Fire Villain

Year: 2011 (retired)

Ages: 7-16

Condition: Brand New, sealed in damaged box (see photos)


LEGO description:


Danger! Nitroblast has been spotted breaking into the security system at Tanker Station 22. If he shuts it down, the fire villains will be able to steal the hero-fuel! He can access any security system with his plasma blowtorch and lava sphere shooter! His flaming shell protects him from almost any attack! He’s gonna be one tough nut to crack!

  • Blast through security systems with the plasma blowtorch and back-mounted fuel cells!
  • Armed with lava sphere shooter
  • Equipped with flaming spike shell
  • Mask includes eye-mounted multi-purpose laser scope
  • Stands over 8” (21cm) tall

LEGO Hero Factory 2194 NITROBLAST

SKU: 2194
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