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LEGO Set #7156



Theme #2: Constraction

Theme #3: Rise of the Rookies Villain

Year: 2010 (retired)

Ages: 7-16

Condition: Brand New, sealed in damaged box (see photos)


LEGO description:


Calling all heroes! Stay far away from Corroder, Von Nebula’s newest henchman but don’t be fooled! This LEGO® HERO FACTORY® villain is lethal in close combat, running on all fours and attacking with razor claws, a spiked head and corrosive spit! So don’t get too close to this bad bot or you’ll pay the price!

  • Charges enemies with his spiked head!
  • Beware of this bot’s corrosive spit!
  • Armed with a Meteor Blaster, razor sharp claws and horn
  • Stands over 7” (17cm) tall

LEGO Hero Factory 7156 CORRODER

SKU: 7156
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